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CW Dentures in based in Delph, Saddleworth and is a Denture Clinic owned by our lead Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) Chris Wibberley. Chris has been a CDT now for 7 years and has over time gained experienced working with other leading CDT’s before opening CW Dentures in 2015.

Since opening CW Dentures Chris has grown as an independent Technician and does all of his own work. Chris offers services both in his own clinic and working alongside other Dental Practices within the North of England.

Having 7 years experience Chris has perfected his work over the years and not only does Chris ensure that he is gaining the best possible knowledge on treatments and techniques he also provides training for other Clinical Dental Technicians, Dentists and Dental Technicians.


Chris has gained a reputation for his teachings by lecturing on some of the biggest stages in European Dentistry such as The Dental Technology Showcase at the NEC, Birmingham and The International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. Chris has gained a variety of awards for the commitment to his craft including: ‘Excellent Customer Care’ and ‘Aesthetic Excellence’ along with being a finalist at the ‘Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2019’ in the ‘Restorative Dentures’ category.

The Award Winning Service provided here at CW Dentures has changed the lives of hundreds of Denture wearing patients; we pride ourselves on taking the time to listen and care for those who have struggled for a long time with missing teeth and/or poor fitting dentures. Chris – our Lead CDT – has a vast amount of experience working with nervous and anxious patients. Chris also understands that some patients can find struggle to make it to the surgery due to ill health and/or restricted mobility and is willing to provide home visits for those patients requiring denture treatment.

Our clinic prides itself on sourcing and using the absolute best materials, equipment, knowledge and techniques, so that our patients are provided with the highest value of bespoke treatment. The materials used to make our dentures are proven to last a long time by retaining their shape and wearing down slower than most other materials available. The high standards we use are reflected in the natural appearance and comfort of our dentures.

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