Fast, Effective & Affordable Denture Repairs in Saddleworth only minutes away from Oldham and Ashton Town Centre

We offer fast, affordable and the most effective same-day denture repair service in Oldham & Ashton. In most cases Chris can repair your denture within the hour. It is vital to have a clinic who you can rely on for a speedy denture repair service like ours. A broken and/or unwearable denture can result in evening and/or weekend plans being cancelled and we understand how frustrating this kind of disruption can be.


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Fast and Affordable Denture Repair

Dentures are usually repaired within the hour if they are dropped off at reception. This service is available every weekday (and on Saturdays subject to Chris’ availability). For those patients who are housebound or who struggle to attend the clinic, we offer a pick-up service for broken dentures. This service means the denture is picked up, repaired and delivered back to your front door within the same day.* Otherwise you can visit our clinic which covers all of Oldham & Ashton.

Denture Repair Cost

Not only do we offer a speedy service, but our repair prices are often a lot cheaper than most clinics in the surrounding area. This is because most Dental Clinics need to send the broken denture to a lab, where it can be repaired by a Dental Technician. At CW Dentures all repairs are done on site, which allows us to save you time and money. Our denture repairs start from £35.


At CW Dentures, we don’t cut corners or use cheap materials. The fast, reliable service is reinforced by our use of high quality repair materials and equipment. This ensures your repaired denture remains in one piece for as long as possible. Our Award-Winning Clinical Dental Technician, Chris, is responsible for each denture repair that comes into CW Dentures.

*The pick up service is only available on fridays (all day) and incurs an extra £10 to the overall cost of the repair.

All Dentures Repaired:

  • Cracked dentures repaired
  • Fractured dentures repaired
  • Dentures strengthened
  • Stains removed
  • Chipped or missing teeth replaced
  • Teeth added to an existing denture

Repair my Denture Now!

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