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Bespoke New Dentures Made & Fitted

At CW Dentures, we take the time to listen to your denture-related concerns and worries. We make sure we fully understand your desired outcome of the treatment you’re about to undertake.

Chris will explain every procedure in detail. This has been found to reduce anxiety in those patients who feel a little nervous when it comes to Dental Treatment. He works with each patient, keeping them very much involved in the decision making when it comes to appearance, arrangement and shade of the Denture Teeth.


Restoring Your Quality of Life

If you have suffered with resorbed/flat gums, sore gums, loose dentures, false looking dentures, become self conscious, embarrassed because of your dentures, then CW Dentures can offer you a life-changing solution.

Natural-looking, comfortably fitting and highly functional dentures help us to look and feel great! They not only restore our ability to eat/chew food, but they restore lip and cheek support. This returns the face back a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

We offer high-quality private dentures to suit your individual requirements.

Over the course of 5 appointments (approx 4-5 weeks in total), we can restore your smile, function and confidence a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

With Chris’ Help, you become your own Smile Designer!

After Chris takes care of the impressions, Bite Registration and Oral Orientation you get to decide on how the Teeth will look. If you are unsure of what you are looking for, the do not worry. Chris will decide on a shape, size and shade of Denture Tooth that will exactly match your age, gender and facial size/shape, thus restoring a youthful and revitalised smile.

Only The Best for Our Patients


At CW Dentures, we source the best possible materials available to us, so that our patients receive the highest quality prosthesis. We pride ourselves on providing everyone we treat with value for money and we back this up by providing a full one year guarantee on all dentures we make. This covers the patient for accidental breakages and even loss of a denture. The denture will either be repaired or replace at no extra cost, giving our patients complete peace of mind.


Our CDT, Chris provides all his patients with aftercare and advice once their dentures have been fitted. We insist on patients returning for a review appointment within a week of having their new prosthesis made. This is so that we can aid our patients in getting used to their new dentures as quickly and as comfortably as possible. We can also check that patients are adopting the correct cleaning and aftercare habits, so that their new denture lasts for as long as possible.


Chris regularly attends training courses in order to keep up to date with the latest industry developments. These often include tips and techniques on clinical and technical procedures, so that every CW Dentures patient receives the highest quality treatment available. Chris regularly teaches other Dental Care Professionals in his laboratory on how to provide natural looking, comfortable dentures for their patients.



  • Made with hard wearing acrylic
  • 3-4 Appointments
  • Natural and affordable smile
  • 1 year guarantee (on breaks/loss)


  • Upgraded, high quality teeth
  • High-impact acrylic
  • 4-5 Appointments
  • Natural Appearance and Comfort
  • 1 year guarantee (on breaks/loss)


  • Highest Quality Teeth
  • 18 month guarantee
  • 5-6 Appointments
  • The most Natural-looking Dentures
  • Highest specification of materials and equipment


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